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Falls Velvet Sheet Turned into a Cone Top

Here’s another example of a sheet that we rolled. We rolled the sheet, soldered the seam, and added lids. Here’s the flat sheet. …and here’s the rolled beer can.

Golden Gate Sheet Rolled into Flat Top

Here’s an example of a can that was rolled from a sheet. We rolled the can, soldered the seam, and added lids. The sheet that we started with. The finished can.

Drinking Cup Turned into Flat Top

We received this drinking cup and turned it back into a flat top beercan. The cup had a handle attached to the seam and no top lid. We removed the handle and solder and added a donor lid. The beer can as a drinking cup. The beer can with the handle removed and donor lid […]

Burger Brau Chalice Turned into Cone Top

A customer sent us this can that had been turned into a chalice. We removed the base and added a cone to return it to its original state as a cone top. The can as a chalice. …and now this is what it looks like after we turned it back into a cone top.

White Horse Repair

This flat top beercan had a lot of dents along the top and a hole on the face. We removed the dents and fixed the hole. Here are the before pictures…. …and now the after pictures…..