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Drinking Cup Turned into Flat Top

We received this drinking cup and turned it back into a flat top beercan. The cup had a handle attached to the seam and no top lid. We removed the handle and solder and added a donor lid. The beer can as a drinking cup. The beer can with the handle removed and donor lid […]

Burger Brau Chalice Turned into Cone Top

A customer sent us this can that had been turned into a chalice. We removed the base and added a cone to return it to its original state as a cone top. The can as a chalice. …and now this is what it looks like after we turned it back into a cone top.

White Horse Repair

This flat top beercan had a lot of dents along the top and a hole on the face. We removed the dents and fixed the hole. Here are the before pictures…. …and now the after pictures…..

Jax Sheet Turned into Pull Tab

One of our customers sent us this flat sheet and donor can to make into a can. We rolled the flat sheet into a can. Since the sheet was short we had to insert a seam to make it the correct diameter. Then we removed the top and bottom from the donor can and installed […]

Sometimes Bad Things Happen to Good Beer Cans.

Be careful where you store your cans. These cans had a TV fall onto them….and the TV won. Luckily we were able to restore them to their former glory. And now for the after pictures.

Yuengling Cone Top Repair

This repair was on a Yuengling cone top that was missing the bottom, had significant teeth marks,and had a damaged spout as shown in the pictures below. The after pictures show that the can was stretched to hide the teeth marks and a donor top and bottom were installed.

Flat Sheet Turned into a Can

We recently rolled this flat sheet and added lids to turn it into a can. If you have any flat sheets for sale or a flat sheet you want rolled, contact us. The flat sheet prior to rolling. Rolled can before rolling on the lids. All sides of the finished can.

Ash Tray turned into Cone Top

Here’s a recent repair we did. Someone turned this cone top into an ash tray and we returned it to it’s former glory. You’ll notice it also had a hole on the side. We were able to bend the metal back to cover it up.