why is beer can condition important

Why is the Condition of Old Beer Cans so Important?

The value of all antiques and collectibles is significantly impacted by condition. The beer can hobby uses a scale of 1 to 5 to describe the condition of a can, which is called grading.  To fine tune the grading, +/- signs are used.  Detailed below is the explanation of the grades. Art’s Beer Cans is not interested in buying or selling cans less than grade 2 condition. Contact Art at 858-900-3308 or art@artsbeercans.com to learn how the grading of the cans you have for sale impacts the value.

    • 1+:  One or 2 tiny imperfections such as minor nick or a small canning dent.
    • A1+:  A few minor imperfections but nothing distracting.
    • 1/1+:  Several small imperfections like a small scratch, dent, or minor humidity spot, but nothing really distracting.  Any imperfections are contained to a few very minor areas.
    • Nice 1:  Several imperfections like scratching, dents, or humidity spots, but nothing real distracting.
    • 1:  A few noticeable imperfections.  Flaws are minor, but may be distracting to some.  Imperfections can include small scratches, dents, humidity spots, and slight fading.
    • 1/1-:  Some obvious imperfections, but still displays well.  The imperfections may include moderate scratches, dents, humidity spots, and slight fading.
    • 1-:  Overall displays nicely but does have one or more significant flaws along with normal wear.  Imperfections may include moderate scratches, dents, humidity spots, and slight fading.
    • 2+: Some moderate flaws to include scratches, dents, fade, and/or rust.  This is still an indoor can and has an overall decent display.  Cans this grade and worse are often called off-grade.
    • 2: Some significant flaws – scratching, dents, humidity, or fading.  No holes, usually an indoor can.