sell beer cans for cash

Sell Us Your Beer Cans for Cash

Do you need extra money to upgrade your favorite can in your collection, buy holiday presents, or for some other reason? If so, then call us. We purchase individual cans, small groups of cans, and entire collections. Our specialty is buying and selling cone tops, crowntainers, flat tops, and better pull tabs that are in excellent condition.  We are also buying flat sheets that have not yet been formed into cans.

We make the process easy whether you are local or across the country. Through our sold cans archive we provide the prices of over 2000 cans that will assist you in determining the value of your old beer cans.  You can also use E-bay, reference books, and other websites and we encourage you to do this.   To start the process just e-mail or text a picture or description of the can(s) to 858-900-3308.   We will get back in touch with you to discuss the can(s), their condition, and value. We have contacts throughout the country and attend several regional beer can shows and if necessary we may arrange an in-person transaction.  Thank you for considering Art’s Beer Cans; we look forward to hearing from you.

Click Are My Cans Valuable to learn more about the cans we are interested in. We do NOT have an interest in:

    • Billy Beer,
    • JR Beer,
    • MASH Beer,
    • Worlds Fair,
    • Schmidt wildlife scenes,
    • Olde Froshingslosh,
    • aluminum cans,
    • most cans from 1970 to present,or
    • soda cans with zipcodes on them.