beer can repair testimonials

Beer Can Repair Testimonials of Satisfied Customers

You do extraordinary work. For my eyes the Hoosier was not acceptable the way it was with the replica cone. When I bought it I bought it knowing you could replace it, making the can a good buy and an attractive cone. Without your services I would never have bought it. Very appreciated.

John Blanton

Absolutely unbelievable. I am a little bit in awe of this can. I never thought I’d ever get a can I like more than the New Yorker Half & Half…Thank you so much for your outstanding work – I would never have trusted this baby with anyone else.

Ron Small

The six Meister Braus arrived safely today. In recent years I have heard other collectors call you “the master can roller.” I see what they mean. These six cans are beautifully done. If I were to see them in a tote and not look at them closely I would not know they were rolled! Nice job!

Steve Thoma

The cans showed up today and I was truly stunned at the quality of your work. I had seen the unbelievable before and after work you’ve done, but to hold the actual results of your efforts in my hand was amazing. Thank you again for everything. You are a true professional.

Chris Layden

Just a quick note to say the cans arrived safe and sound and they look great. Your work was always amazing, but it seems like you are now taking it to a new level.  Not that most of these cans were anything special, but this is some of the best can work I have ever seen.  In fact, it’s precisely because these cans are ordinary that the quality of the work stands out.  Just routine cans getting flawless can work – my kudos sir!

Ron Small

Awesome job on those cans! I have been told you are the best ever, hard to disagree with what I got back from you.

Jody Otto

Awesome job on the Lucky!! If I did not know better, I would swear this can is all original!! Fantastic job, really appreciate the effort!

Dan Baker

Art the can arrived today. I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am with your work. Absolutely tremendous. Thank you again. You do wonderful work and are a true asset to the hobby.

Greg Stinsa

I have been thrilled with your craftsmanship with every one of the 50+ cans on which you have worked your magic for me. Your work is always stunning, and my collection would be greatly diminished without your artisan efforts.

Bob Maki

Got the Golden Age today. It’s a masterpiece! You really knocked it out of the park.

Jim Wicker

Thanks for the work you did restoring the cone on the topless Graupner’s can I recently purchased. I appreciate the efforts you went to finding an authentic and well matched donor top. The can is amazing now and without question is impossible to tell a donor top has been added. Remarkable work!

John Davis

Another thanks from a very happy collector. Incredible work performed in removing the very major dent from an Olde Virginia cone. The can was grade 2- at best and now is a very solid clean grade 1 and looks striking. I was very impressed in how the can returned with all original parts and was impossible to tell anything had been moved. Great job. I would never have purchased this can had I not known how good of a job you would do. Thanks again!

John Davis

Received cans, Art. Good grief!…I almost passed out. You have achieved a state of perfection doing this stuff. Simply amazed! Thanks again! Great job.

Steve Schindhelm

Art, I picked the cans up at the Post Office today and I can’t get over how good these look. The lids match the cans perfectly in both color and condition and the assembly is seamless. You really do this well! Thanks for the quick turn-around also.

Mark Wilder

Just wanted to let you know I got all the cans you worked on. WOW! They look fantastic. I’m really happy with them. Thanks again for doing those for me. I will likely have more in the future and will definitely send them to you. You do great work.

Jeff Lebo

Wow, you said the Jacob Ruppert came out nice. You weren’t kidding! That was an understatement. It’s really unbelievable how you do that. Schmidt’s came out as good as could be expected. It had its problems but now it’s sellable and people won’t turn their nose up at it without a lid. thanks for your efforts again and I will be sending some more soon.

Todd Sandomierski