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White Cap sheet turned into Cone Top

Here’s another sheet that we rolled and added top and bottom to restore it to a cone top.

Rare Leisys sheet turned into Cone Top

This rare Leisys sheet was rolled and the top and bottom added to make the cone top.

Associated Sheet turned into Cone Top

We rolled this sheet and added the top and bottom to turn it into a cone top.

Schaefer FBIR Cone Top

One of our customers sent us a one of a kind Schaefer flat sheet that he wanted rolled into a cone top. This Schaefer cone top was previously not know to exist until turned up in a recent find of flat sheets. This can was featured in a recent issue of BCCA magazine. The rolled […]

Sometimes Bad Things Happen to Good Beer Cans.

Be careful where you store your cans. These cans had a TV fall onto them….and the TV won. Luckily we were able to restore them to their former glory. And now for the after pictures.